I was just watching Conan O’Brien.  He is so funny.  I was watching this bit about sound dubbing that actually brought me to tears I was laughing so hard.  Conan rocks.

Things are okay here.  Still don’t really know what’s going on with anything with my life, and still coasting along with that, for now, as long as I am not doing what I really don’t want to be doing.  Talked to Ace, tonight.  It was a good conversation.  He’s a goofball.  He did tell me, earlier in the evening, that an old friend of his is sick, and I was really sorry to hear that.  I hope his friend gets better.

I went to see Mags, and I gave her a little house warming gift.  There are these little faces that an area atist makes.  They’re usually framed on some colored surface, but the artist was selling them individually, with little magnets on the back.  it was really badass.  i bought one and she wrapped it up in a cute box with a ribbon.  I wound up getting them for a few people – those things are freakin’ awesome.  I actually might even pick up a couple more.  Maybe, I’ll take a pic of one tomorrow, so you’ll know what the hell I mean.  

I have the occasional shaky moment, but for the most part, I am hanging in, and holding on.

By the way, someone left what I am sure was a well intentioned message on my last blog.  The message included a graphic that involved an animated image of a syringe.  It was an anti-drug image, and I appreciate the sentiment (the message was supportive, and I went to the guy’s pg, and he seems like a really good guy), but I CANNOT handle that image or any representation of that image, at this time, and that is why I deleted the comment.  It wasn’t out of any animous I felt toward the author.  I appreciate the words he left, but I would ask that anyone leaving a comment please avoid using the word (those of you who follow my blogs know my drug of choice, and how hard it’s been to give it up, and I’m sorry to say that even the word itself can be hard for me, at times, so, if we could just avoid using it…)  or any imagery pertaining to the subject, I’d be ever so grateful.  This place is a sanctuary for me ("place…" I say it, like it’s a real place, instead of the disembodied nonplace that it is).  It’s not a place you can really physically go, but getting here when I did, made a huge difference for me.

I am going to beat this thing.

Right now, I just have to worry about tonight.  And, I am not going to get high tonight.  In fact, I am going to bed soon. 

Take care everyone!



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