Since I was a small child I knew I was a boy. The world has worked long and hard to change my mind and mold me to their ideas about who I should be. I’ve spent my whole life fighting to be who I am while placed in a role of being someone that I am not. I’m tired. I’m unhappy. I just want to be me. It’s past time. Life is too shortt. I want to be (and be seen and accepted as) the man I am. Some say it’s never too late, some say why bother, if you only have a few years or decades left to endure? Because I’m tired of enduring, I want to live. I want to feel like I am me. Like I can be who I am and have it be okay. I want to find happiness, and I can’t do that if I don’t love myself. I can’t look into a mirror and do that as a woman, no matter how I dress or cut my hair or act, it’s just not me. It doesn’t come natural. I just want to be comfortable.


  1. abbylynn 8 months ago

    Be yourself… you’ll be happier

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  2. scrappydawg 8 months ago

    I transitioned in 2005, at 40 years old. I don’t regret it at all. Sometimes you have to go against your unselfish ways and do something for you.

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