I’m looking for support from anyone who’s gotten further along in the stages of coming out. I want to come out to my mom and have about three weeks to prepare. I have my therapist’s support however he’s heterosexual and has no experience here. Anyone have experience coming out to their parent/s?

  1. kaycapricorn 1 year ago

    I came out to my mom and dad at different times. i came out to my mom first and she was pretty accepting. My dad is against being LGBT but he agreed to disagree with my choices. My advice is to figure out their stance on it, and have a conversation about how’ve you been feeling and your sexuality. Them being your parents i’m almost pretty sure they will accept you for who you are. Even though your therapist is straight I still suggest talking to him about it. Worst case if you don’t connect, maybe try seeing another therapist that you feel like you can share everything with.

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  2. wisecrackingwaffles 1 year ago

    Hello, Friend!
    Congratulations on being proud of who you are!

    I happen to be in a similar situation. Right now, I am in the closet for most of my friends, co-workers, and family. There are a select few who know about my queer identity, and that is okay for now. My rule of thumb is don’t come out to someone unless you feel safe and ready. Don’t feel like you have to put a time limit on yourself. Make sure you are in a good position to come out.

    You don’t have to come out alone either. If you have a close friend who you can tell first, they can be moral support for you when you approach your family.

    Hang in there!

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