Today marks a new day for me. I helped a complete and total stranger… I've done that before, don't get me wrong it always feels good to help someone, but this one is different. I live in Detroit,: rough, gritty, bleak, decaying' all sum up what you usually feel when you step out of your door in a rough neighborhood. This time however after walking down the street, just for the sake of walking, I happened upon this girl. She said she was a couch surfer. It's kinda hard to put into words what a couch surfer is and not make it seem like she's a freeloader which I don't feel that she is, besides that's irrelavant anyway. She came up to me and asked me for directions. It was her second day in the city and she still had trust in her, I felt I needed to show her the good in my city. I helped her, hell I walked with he while chatting with her, giving her directions, and advice about my homtown to the nearest bus stop.I did all of this which was completely out of my way and I didn't mind it a single bit.

The point I'm trying to make here is I think she just saved my life, or at least renewed my sense of hope in the world. She did't say anything worldly or give me any advice, in total the conversation only lasted about 10 minutes at most. But it's the fact that she was willing to put faith in a complete stranger to help her out. I wish I could remember her name so I can thank her properly, only thing I know is she's originally from Germny and lived in Canada before coming here. I know she'll never read this or see this fo that matter, but I felt good about myself for stopping and helping her as much as I could. After it was all said and done everything literally seemed brighter and I'm still smiling on the inside as I write this. I think I'm still somewhat cynical, I've got no illusions about having a complete personality rewrite in the sapce of 10 minutes. But I know I feel different, and I don't want to waste whatever this is, I've resolved to do something construtive with it, but I'm short on ideas guys. Help me out here 🙂


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