Happy Valentines Everyone! We officially have our wedding page up. Shakira wrote me the most beautiful sentiment on it –


Happiness is a Journey not a destination … along my travels through life I have met many souls …that were meant to be there for just one second … for a passing glance … kind smile … friendly hello. Some souls you meet stay a little longer and become friends for that place and time. And then there are soulmates you are destined to spend a lifetime with.These Soul mates create Moments that turn into a lifetime of Memories that define who you are …

In living one single Moment I found a Soul Mate in Tampa … I knew the moment we met and his eyes lit up that he was destined to join me on my journey through life. In that one second I understood the true meaning of the "eyes are the windows of the soul" just one look was all it took …So as you go through life …Measure it in Moments … Live in that expeirence … that one second … that one glance … that one smile … and just like me you will find your Brian …

Love Shakira




Visit our Wedding Website for Details on our Special Day … You will find RSVP for Events … Pictures…Music…Story about how we Met…& much mor

OurWeddingDay.com :: Brian & Shakira




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