First off, hello there! I’m Nick and I honestly am just writing this in order for me to reinforce a new way to label emotions. So I’ve been listening to various podcasts and just take bits and pieces that I like from them and apply that to my life as best I can.  Lately I’ve been focused on being “happy” and if I’m not “happy” I must be having the worst day ever. Well today I heard something that just seemed to click. Happy, sad, terrible, content, angry, and so many more are just “FEELINGS.” Now that’s pretty basic, but when someone asks “how are you?”, why do we reply with “I’m _____” why do we give a feeling that we own so much power? We own our feelings they do not own us, and why do we get so obsessed over just happy and sad? Each day we go through so many emotions and feelings and when we label ourselves with just one we give that feeling way too much power. What should be said in order to own our feelings rather than them owning us is something like, ” I’m doing ok but this isolation has me feeling ______ lately.” OR ” I’ve been noticing that I don’t feel happy without _______” I’m not entirely sure those are good examples, or what I’m even trying to say anymore. I know that a few days ago I was telling myself that I am lonely, but in reality I should be saying to myself: In the moments when I remember my using days compared to now, I get an overwhelming Feeling of loneliness when I remember how few friends I truly have now.  I’m not quite sure what I’m trying to say anymore, I just know I don’t want to have typed this many words and delete it like I did yesterday. So if you’ve made it this far, thank you. You are beautifully committed and I may need to be committed, just not today, I think.


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