I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff… I’ve also been dealing with my parents and today has made me honestly want to cut so badly again… I’m having a really rough time with my anxiety… And rn my depression… My parents are making me feel like crap .. I honestly apparently can’t figure things out for myself when I’d honestly like to. My mom got upset with me cause I got smart with her when she told me I can work 2 hours each day which might not even be the case at this point and she was telling me I won’t get a break but I might. I just really wish she would stop trying to tell me what is gonna happen before I even get to know. Cause what am I gonna do when I move out and she’s not around. She gonna call and tell me?.. basically what I’m saying is I’d like to grow up like I’m supposed to and figure things out on my own… But I keep getting yelled at and stuff … And today has honestly been one of the worst days I’ve had…. And it’s mostly because of my family…. Yesterday was insanely stressful…. And I might just end up cutting…. I’m honestly not even in a talking mood at this point….


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