I have had many boyfriends I would say about 5 solid boyfriends since i was fifteen. I had my share of first and regrets. Ive watched all my Ex boyfriends lives change after dating them. I sense that my style is I want you to know me and get to see how much in love you are with me and if you arent showing it? I’m just not that into you as I thought. Lets say i know what I want and I dont want, I never bent over backwards to please someone. I know that sounds a little demanding.

I grew up in a home full of just woman. My grandmother an educated Native woman who gave birth to my stereo typical single mother who is desperate to find her true love, three older sisters who all have different views of the world. I had a hard time respecting men. I, to be honest didnt mind changing my mind.

So now I am with my current boyfriend. Who I have committed 5 years of my life to not be the one. If you seen other things on my profile you will know the back story. If not go check that out.

Truth is you know when you are not happy, I tried my hardest waiting for us to move forward but it seems we keep starting at the beginning over and over again. I think its time to make a change for myself. Going back to school, wanting to write my own book.

While your reading this I hope you keep in mind that I will be leaving a man who has spend 5 birthdays, Halloweens, Christmas, the same guy who was there for me for the death of my father, me failing multiple times. SO it is a big deal. I hope if you need this push to leave someone your not happy to have in your life and you know you are both bad for each other that you have the courage to do so. I dont know where I will go after.

But I am young and i am hopefully but I am scared. Wish me luck.


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