some people have fears of spiders or snakes, some people have fears of clowns or dying. Every human being has a fear, no matter how much they claim they dont; Having fears is what makes us human. My fear… is loneliness, i am scared of being forgotten or being alone. Sure i have other fears like, spiders, heights, clowns… But those are things you can over come. Most of my life i have had this fear of being alone, being forgotten; it started when my mom and dad got divorced, i was scared that he would forget about me once he found someone else, and that he would start a new family. The first time i ever reacted to this fear was in the 4th grade, i was staying the night at my friends house and i had this dream and woke up and my mom wasn’t there to help.. i got scared that they had left me behind, so i left her house in the middle of the night and walked home. Sure enough this had effected me, i mean it makes me get emotionally attached to people, and it makes it hard for me to let things go. Some days i wonder if i would still have this fear if my mom and dad were still married, or if the world was just a bit different, i mean if you look at people today, it is so easy for them to forget about people; it is so easy for our society to forget about what happens on the news, we move on with our lives after hearing an innocent black man has been killed, or how an innocent child has been rapped… What if we took action and didn’t just let it go, would i still be scared of being forgotten.. i mean i wonder if something bigger than me came up would my family forget about me?


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