I feel like everyday I become a little more me. That doesn’t mean everyday is great, far from that actually, but I’m rediscovering who I truly am. Like the layers from societal pressures, unrealistic social norms and judgements from peers have accumulated throughout my entire life are starting to shed off. My true being, in its purest form is starting to emerge as i drop one layer at a time.

Self worth, as I have found from my personal life experiences and mentors around me, is one of the most valuable things you can have. And its also something so many people lack. Shame is result of not having self worth. And from shame there is anger, disconnect, and pain we try to hide with barriers of insecurity and false refuge.

I have struggled with self worth almost my whole life, and am just now beginning to give myself the credit and love I deserve. The place inside me that has begun to help me heal and guide me through life has shown me that there is so much more to love and appreciate than I ever realized.

So much has changed for me just in the last six months. I went from borderline suicidal to awakening something deep inside me that I never knew had been there all along. This never would have happened if I hadn’t gone to that dark place. And it just reminds me that we are all human. We have to feel pain and anger and sadness to be able to feel and appreciate joy and peacefulness. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and feel those scary feelings that you want so bad to hide away and numb is what will help free you. That’s the experience of life and as people we never want to face those things because they hurt so badly but not feeling them is what hurts us more. The human experience is the ups and downs and the good and the bad. That is what makes it an experience.

(I also just want to say that all of this is what I have learned and what I believe in and I do not claim to know everything at all I just wanted to share my personal thoughts to anyone who maybe shares some of the same feelings i do. Again these are just my personal beliefs I’m not trying to influence anyone or convince anyone of anything. ALSO im sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense)


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