Today, I didn’t dust.  It will be okay.   The dust will be there tomorrow.  The carpet can be vacuumed and shampooed tomorrow as well/

However, I did do other “adult” responsibilities on my list!

I am letting a friendship drift apart that has become toxic.   The person has become negative and toxic to my happiness.   We didn’t argue.  I did put out boundaries and she won’t respect them.   It isn’t okay with me.    I wish her well.  I just can’t consider her a active friend with the mental state she is in.

I tried to inspire her to not be hateful and negative about life.   She seems to need to feelHe way right now or maybe she has changed forever.

I am learning about distancing from all toxic people and how it can make you feel better.  It is a process.

The difference in keeping the toxic people in our lives verses letting people go is not wasting energy.  We need to stop spending so much time and energy on toxic people.

Today a possible new in real life friend may of come into my life!


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