I've been let down…yet again. Last weekend, a friend and I agreed to have lunch this Saturday afternoon ~ I called her to see if we were still on. She told me she had forgotten all about our lunch date and was at the Outlet Mall with her girlfriend and her brother-in-law. Fine.


A couple of months ago, the same thing happend. A friend asked me out for lunch. I waited for her during my lunch time at work and she never showed. When I called her to ask what happened, she said she had fogotten and was with a friend who had asked her to take him and his dog to the vet.


Before that, a friend I met on Facebook asked me for lunch since it turned out he only lived a couple of blocks from where I work. When I called him to verify,he said he had a Drs appointment and had to cancel but agreed to have lunch the following day. I called him the following day and said he couldn't because a friend had suddenly called him, who needed a ride from the opposite end of town and didn't have the time for lunch. I haven't bothered calling him anymore.


What the hell is going on? These "friends" make me feel I'm not very important to them since I'm so obviously easy to be forgotten and our plans don't seem to matter.


I had decided to exclude negative people from my life ~ as it turns out, looks as if it's everyone I know ~ and now, I no longer have anyone to talk to! I have no one to call. I have no one to spend time with.

Except my mom….I love my mom but it's not the same as having someone to talk to about personal feelings who can also relate to what I feel.


Honestly, I give up on people. I had wanted to take chances by saying yes to people who invited me places but that only seems to bite me in the ass. No more. From now on, I'm simply going to keep away from people. As much as I wanted to break down the wall I had built around me, I'd rather keep the wall up and keep myself protected from any further let downs.


Ok….just had to rant and get that off my chest.

  1. Irishlass 10 years ago

    I have had it happen to me my rule is two times and your done. It has really weeded out the friends from the flakes,

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  2. engmoto 10 years ago

    I can really relate what you are feeling.

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