I've recently started Roller Skating and thought all I would do is fall down, get back up, roll around and fall down again.  Well at least I'm having fun doing so and at 46 Roller Skating for the first time seemed strange.  The fear of falling, running over some kid or myself, hurting myself, etc. made me think twice however I'm glad I didn't listen to myself. I have enjoyed learning to skate and it gets me out of the house without the bars, or having to pay a lot of money just to go out and have a good time.

I now have friends who go with me and we have created a Skate night so that has become fun and interesting too as we never know who will show up.  It's only been a month but I took the initiative and bought a pair of my own skates as well.  Wow what a difference it has made besides the blisters on my ankles from breaking the skates in, they are much nicer then the rinks and I can go faster makes crashing even more interesting.  But I'm getting the hang of it and I'm truly enjoying myself as I watch myself get better each time I go.

I always thought being HIV + wouldn't slow me down and after spending time in the hospital again last year with back to back PCP it brought me to a stand still.   I decided it was time to enjoy life again.  After taking a year to heal I stopped listening to all the naysayers and am out doing those things I want to do even if they're a bit nerve racking. 

I feel the name of the game here is not only to survive but to enjoy the life we have right now.  So I'm roller skating, still falling, crashing into walls and I am having fun. Even more so seeing all the new people show up every week is even more fun.  Next I want to go Kayaking I haven't done that in three years and that was a lot of fun.

So I'll continue to roller skate as it's getting my legs back into shape that's for sure.  If you haven't tried it give it a go you just might like it crashing, falling and all.  After all it's fun to laugh at self and with friends.


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