god place people i my life for a reason he also placed certain people in your life for a reason. bt some are spose to stay for a week, maybe a month or even a year. i have problems letting go because im afraid they may need me one day but today i realized people only keep  in touch with me cause im weak and they just want to use me.

my friend vincent and i got in an arguement abut something stupid he ignored me and i asked about his date instead of saying he didnt want to talk about it he said i was stuid and dumb and dont have my life together and all this mean stuff. i decided to let him go i text him last monday he responded yesterday and said he doesnt want to be friends and today he text me and was like whats up im doe with people coming in and out my life when tey want.

i also got in an arguement with my friend david because he asked me to hang out with him and had me stand infront of his house for an hour i had to pee so i went home, i told him  went to his ex boyfriends ouse to pee which was a oke then he cursed me out we stop talkng for a week i got in a fight with my dad about driving i called david because i needed to get ut the house i through the phone on the bed and my dad bust opened my bedroom door and cursed me out and said i wasnt a good son because i ddnt know how to drie david heard everything and took my dads side.

i took him out for his birthday and ten out for my birthday and he ignored me for two hours because he was wating for his friend. then had to nerve to judge me because i didnt see some movie. i went home that night fell asleep he was mad cause i didnt text him said i was stubborn and had issues and i wasnt good enough so i tld him to lose my number.

then he went on vacation we didnt talk for four days then on the day of my graduation he texted me asking me for money i didnt respond so he called while i was getting ready to get on stage and because i couldnt give him money he hasnt talke to me since so

Question when do you know its time to let go?

because i really want to let everyne who hurt me go i deserve to be happy.


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