I once saw this as a Facebook Community Page-that most of your thinking, and life decisions are pondered on when you're trying to fall asleep at night.

I suppose I do a lot of that thinking, when I'm drinking ginger ale, puking it back up [and more], and wishing for an end to the room's rapid rotation.

A running mouse…and an unsteady hold on a gun that's shaking in my direction? These images flashed in my head, fluttered on my eyes when my lids were shut. Not in my mind, but in my sight-if that makes sense. Because that's never happened before, seeing images come and go through closed lids rather than the mind's sight, I'm almost a bit frightened.

So either way, I started thinking about the world-suppose this. What if everything magically was repaired? What if the world was happy, satisfied, and there was no more pain to cause the evil that sprouts in people, that [in turn] causes more pain? No need for drugs or alcohol, no need for unethical acts, no need for jealousy or hatred, no need for beauty and power, no more growing up in a world that puts you battling everybody else.


No more pain…


A beautiful world, without the need for negativity.

Would it just unravel? Would the world break and shatter, crumble into dust beneath our feet? The order and balance…Everything that we knew, what would it mean?

It's the hurt in our lives that makes us cherish the good moments.


Every bad experience, bad memory, bad…moment darkens reality, but brightens every idea in our lives that gives us meaning, gives us smiles, gives us laughter.

Happiness is a powerful thing.

It ties in with every aspect, such a strong, versatile, repetitive emotion.

Last time I posted my blog and asked for advice on a career choice, my post ended up being buried and no one saw it or bothered to reply. I suppose it'll be alright, but it makes me uneasy to challenge Depression Tribe Bloggers with this question-to reblog:

Think about this. Without the classic "I wish for more wishes," if you could wish for anything else, what would you wish for?


[If you had three wishes, what would they be?]

What would you change?

What would you create, rebuild, or destroy?


I'd just like to see your replies.

I doubt anyone will take the challenge, but alright. It's out there. :/



Thanks, Depression Tribe.

Have a great week.


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