When I was 6 my mother abandoned me for drugs . She left me alone with my 2 year old brother in foster care. I was taking care of my little brother at the age of 5 when I was with my mother. Eventually our dad got custody. It was a rough experience and have not seen her since. I know it sounds kinda weird I guess idk. But yea. I had a best friend for 8 years then Monday he started ghosting me.  I dont know why. He did call me overdramatic when I told him my BF broke up w. me and that I was severley upset about it. I have not talked to him since tbh I really think it is best for me to go on my own. But I learned that I dont no one to put me down which was all my BF did. I am glad he broke up with me.

Lmbo that was a lot.


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  1. jessiie 1 year ago

    Sometimes it’s hard to let people go even though they aren’t right for us. You deserve better
    I think you’re really brave for choosing to not be with someone who puts you down, every girl deserves to be treated like a princess and with respect!
    I hope you’re doing okay!

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