They don't have irritated up there. Frustrated was the closest thing. So, you know when you get like two of your friends together and they STAY together for a while? Well, I did that to two of my REALLY good friends and they stayed together until they bother were convinced that they were in love with each other… Well then one day, my gal friend was like, I don't love him anymore. IT CAME FROM FREAKIN NO WHERE! I gave her my advice (to wait it out a bit just to see where it goes and if she still isn't feeling it then just go through with the break up.) I talked to her for like 10 minutes and what did she do? She threw my speech out the window and broke up with him today. A couple days before Christmas. Now I know what you are thinking, it's not your life. You can't tell her what to do. And by no means would I do such a thing. I wouldn't want someone doing that to mean and I would never do that to someone. Although do you what to know why she broke up with him? She doesn't know. Ha! She broke up with one my freinds for NO REASON. Quite literally in fact. I'm just irritated. I'll get over it more quickly than they will though… But now I'm sitting here trying to get my guy buddy to feel better. He is still like madly in love with her and I'm trying to get his mind off of it so he can feel better (kind feel weird doing it….). I feel like this is all my fault because I'm the one that got them together. Mmmm… just feel bad and irritated.

No important news on the boyfriend situation… Just… meh, ya know? Wish we could date without the secrecy… Although, I think my mom knows about us and she hasn't stop us or anything… So…. I don't know. We're going to keep everything the way it is, until further notice. Better safe than sorry right? Although figure out his X-mas present was TORTURE! Every time I asked him he was just like I don't know; all I want for Christmas is you. Which was romantic that first time he said it than it was just like TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! Haha. So I went cliche and got him cologne (I think it Polo Blue… It smelled good. My mom didn't think so but I did and that's all that matters!) and his favorite candy (Hershey's). Although i also got him a potato… HAHAHA. I know that sounds weird but it's kind of an inside joke. I was also going to get him a banana but those go black too quickly. So I gots him the potato.

That's it for today… Just had to write something down. Thought I might go insane. Thanks for listening



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