Has anyone looked around and found themselves surrounded by those who think they are the best thing since sliced bread? Yeah…I was doing that today myself….Why is that? I feel as thought it is not the fact that they have some sort of self worth..only that they feel as though they have to be that way because they are threatened by you….I dunno about anybody else but…I have as little self worth as one could get…sometimes…..and no one should ever feel threatened by me…I think it is so even with my wife….I did not feel so well this morning..and so I stayed home from work….well she came in quite a bit later and stated that she did not feel so well either…and proceded to give me a laundry list of items which were wrong with her…I understand that she does not feel well and that for th most part she has brought this on her self, I have the insurence which she had to have and even made an appointment for her..but she canciled it…why would she do that? I used to go and be with her through every thing until it got to the point that there was nothing wrong with her that she could not fix just by looking at her life and deciding to change it….I had to make that decision a few years ago by going to an online college, and since then she has done every thing to make it as difficult to accomplish my goal to get my degree as she can….I offered to send her to school but she said that was stupid…she is very smart…yet I feel sometimes she is ignorant because of her mind set….what is it that make her feel threatened if I do good in school.. I graduated with an associates in business and am going on to get my Bachelors….but she continues to be none supportive in this venture…I have even recieved rases because of the school I have taken…she continues to spend every thing I make on food for her everyday she goes out to eat when I have nothing….she smokes.. and buys her smokes with the family money…and buys games on line with out even asking if it is ok…she has quit every job she has ever had saying they were being mean to her…yet it is not appearant…what to do I know not…but I will continue in school..and get to where I need to be….whether r not she likes it…


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