: I know that no one is in this room with me but I want to say that I need help

    [blueyes36] 6:54 pm: I am surrounded by death the memory of it the feelings of it

    [blueyes36] 6:55 pm: and I want to complete it

    [blueyes36] 6:57 pm: I want to go to the kitchen get the bottle of pills down and swallow them all

    [blueyes36] 6:58 pm: what do i do

    [blueyes36] 6:59 pm: I want to stop surviving and start living, or just die

    [blueyes36] 7:01 pm: what should I do?

    [sllim_84] 7:01 pm: hello, u ok in here all alone?

    [blueyes36] 7:01 pm: hi

    [sllim_84] 7:01 pm: oops, got to go, sorry

    [blueyes36] 7:01 pm: yeah I was just talking to myself

    [blueyes36] 7:02 pm: ok bye

    [blueyes36] 7:03 pm: all the pain it isn’t worth it

    [blueyes36] 7:04 pm: why can’t it all just go away and not come back

    [blueyes36] 7:07 pm: I will cut just to cut, why? I use the other people to get attention and it is driving me crazy

    [blueyes36] 7:07 pm: the pain is in my chest

    [blueyes36] 7:07 pm: the pain is in my head

    [blueyes36] 7:08 pm: I am such a loser!

    [blueyes36] 7:08 pm: the world would be better w/o me!


  1. sosgirl 11 years ago

    Ah, I love this blog-an empty chat.

    It's symbolic, and never worry. We love you, we care. We wish no harm, and I'm always willing to talk. 🙂

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  2. Rose47 11 years ago

    Well theres someone commenting on your blog ME!! I ahte to see that u r feeling so low and sad and self worthy BUT thats just your darn depression! U will feel better soon! Remmeber depression can makes us feel all kinds of weird ways esepecailly the ways u expressed in your blog BUT our depression is not the real us! So fight this dang illness and win!! U can do it!! I know u can. So u r not alone! Hang in there we can fight this depression together and WIN and there will be no more lonely chats! Write anytime! Feel better!! U r agreat person and the world needs u especially us here at the tribe!

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