TOO angry to say hello omg i have to get out of this house and take one of those 15 mile walks there and a55bout 5 pending how i choise transport.

My tenent just called yes she did steal 255.00 from me i just know she did not gonna get into the whole story i will not take this out on anyone…..The total shit she left torn up in her room its just never mind its trashed and there goes that b word again oh hello no I gotta walk this off talking is NOT doing me any good. I am not suppose to get angry cause it could very well pop my left ventrical in my heart no way not today i refuse to let anyone take my joy and treat me like dog crap go some where else please she keeps leaving nasty messages i need her to stop she threatened to call the police if i speak with her LMBO for real I have no words for that woman, I was kind very generous and she stole from me twice apparently she was gone so fast cause she had already gotten another place to live … Good happy for her but to tell me you really need to live alone and blah blah blah i know that already that would be exactly why plus the thieving 230.00 a month can i find a land lord like me lmao oh hell i dont have to listen to the messages i can just delete them.

To be free of anger and resentments is my Goal right now clean up my side of the street and keep on keepen on I do not intend to allow this persons behavior mess with me she just tried to call again wow breath i tell myself Thank goodness there are some amazingly wonderful sweet things going on in my life no getten off the beam today hope all find some joy in your day peace out Sparky


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