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I know I haven’t been online lately. Some people may not have noticed, but I’ve been doing fine and just living my life.

School is over & I still can’t find a job. It’s pretty disappointing, but I’ve been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend and my nephew.

My days are full of boredom, I keep applying to different job postings almost everyday… but my hope is slowly declining.

If I am unable to find a job this summer I think I’m going to just try and enjoy being alive and not taking things for granted.

I wish I felt more compelled to keep up with all my friend’s lives at the moment, but I just don’t seem to have the energy to do so.

I barely go on facebook anymore… I log on just to read the current news feed, check out recently uploaded pics and then log out. No one really keeps in touch with me anymore, so I don’t bother keeping in touch with anyone else.

I barely go on my msn either b/c I only talk to my boyfriend, his sister & one other friend. There are 3 other people I talk to occasionally, but we usually just text msg each other.

I guess I just feel like I’m going through a new chapter in my life. I’m trying to be more calmer in tense situations, I’m trying to be a better listener, I’m trying not to get involved in things I shouldn’t & I’m trying not to focus on things I don’t have control over. I’m also trying to smile more, feel good about myself, & trying to get out more and do things with my life.

To all the friends I’ve made on here, I am not deleting my account, however I probably just won’t be on here as often. I may not be in touch as often either, but you will always be in my heart. I am going to miss you all terribly. I guess you could say I’m finally taking the time to focus on myself and discover who I am and what I want to do with my life. I love you all very much & may occasionally write the odd blog about something or someone that ruins my day, but I wish you all much happiness in your days to come. xoxo

ps. this is not goodbye, just a see you later =)

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  1. bummer 12 years ago

    Life?  What”s that??

    I hope the new foci are helpful…sounds like you”re going through challenging times.

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