I have been a member of this site for a couple of years now, and I went into the chat room (the lounge) for the first time early this Easter Monday because I am unable to sleep.

I was made very welcome but I struggled to keep up with speed that everything was going at. Then I made a mistake by asking could I send my own web site address, I think the people thought I was trying to sell something. I appoligised but I would like to say sorry again if I had offended anybody with my suggestion.

I was asked to write a blog hence this attempt of trying to put things right. I was very depressed and have panic attacks also suffer from Touretts though it is mild to what it could be, we have to be thankful for small mercy's.

I was able to turn my life arround through the love of computers because I signed up for a begginers course about four years ago.

Reather than go through telling you chapter and verse I would like to include my web site address and hope that this does not  offend. I built it to tell my story and then include others to show to people that there could be a way out for them, if not through computers some other avenue.


The site will not ask for money or donations, It will not try to sell you anything, all it it there for is a sincere hope that it might help someone realise that anything is possible. The site is very basic and needs a lot of work doing to it  but it is a start.

Depression is a terrible illnes, it saps all your self confidence and leaves you isolated whith seemingly no where to run to. Just maybe one or two may understand that  there could be a way out.

With the kindest regards








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