I am so hurt, disappointed and just flat pissed off! … I haven’t had a decent night of sleep in over a month and I ‘ve gotten back to the point again, where I am starving to death yet sick at my stomach all at the sametime. Food looks good, it even smells good although after taking only 2 or 3 bites, I can’t take another bite for fear of throwing up. …. When I can’t sleep my husband accuses me of fighting my meds. Also when I am down he leaves me alone cause he doesn’t want to deal with it(the depression) or me. …. He says he hates the bipolar yet he refuses to educate himself on the subject to better understand me. I guess ignorance is bliss ! …. To top it all off I’ve got a doctor who falls asleep on me, he has me over medicated and and with the wrong mix of meds.

Sorry, I don’t normally do this it’s been sometime since I really vented about all of this. …. I’m hurt enough I could cry a river of tears, I’m so disappointed with my family and how they treat me. I just want to pack my shit and leave never to return ever again. …. I’m angry to the point where I want to lash out at all who has left me hurt, disappointed or both!!
…. This sucks !…. I’m tired. …..
Tired of being alone …..
Tired of being misunderstood. ….. and very, very tired of getting bashed by the people who are supposed to be here for me. …. I wonder would they still continue to bash me if they actually knew what it is that I go through every freakin’ day!!…..
It’s not that they are blind, it’s that they refuse to see. ….. He says he doesn’t want to lose me, while all the time he watches me dying and doesn’t do anything about it. ….

……… Sorry for this guys, I just needed to vent a little…….Kim


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