Life is a beach….

Many moments in life, small or big, impact us in ways we can’t explain and in ways we can’t even imagine. Growing up in a life full of chaos and a disorganized family gave me more than enough problems, especially by 5th and 6th grade. I remember the day when my life outlook changed for the better. My 5th grade teacher took our class out for extra recess and I spent most of my time chit chatting with her. She looked at me and said “go ahead, say it out loud, its ok I won’t yell at you.” I have never cursed in my life and all I could think was life was a b**ch. Then she let out a little chuckle and said life is a beach! I was appalled she would say something like that until she began to explain.

Life is a beach. Its pretty, full of sunshine, unique moments and yet it can be sandy, shady, and the waves come crashing in too hard. Soon it becomes a hurricane. Now your beach is destroyed. We begin to pollute our own beach with overthinking, anger, and wishes that our life was different. But when does life become less like a beach and ugly? When we decide to clean it up. Make sure there is no litter in the sand, the water stays clear blue, and we can take our shoes off and rub our feet in the sand. The warmth and love we give to ourselves. We can control who effects how we take care of our beach.

Take to time to acknowledge what life has thrown at you, but take more time to acknowledge that you have made it this far. You have made it farther than you have ever thought. Life is beach, but for the love of yourself it sure is beautiful. Take in the view and take in the you.

  1. garfunkal 4 months ago

    I love that!!! xx

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  2. jayce 4 months ago

    i whimper like pavlovs dog…

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