So one day i was just sitting on my bed doing my homework when my mother comes in saying i’m going to having a brother. So as anyone else i was happy and ready to have a brother. Then the day comes that he is born, so i go into the room with my grandparents and sister to see him. I get really happy and tell him “welcome to the family Gabriel” (that’s his name). Then I try to hold him but my mother takes him and hands him to my sister that was waiting behind me and she just acted like I wasn’t even there… That’s when everything changed… I started sleeping up at my grandparents with my sister (that’s before i moved and when i was 14 and my younger brother Alex was born). But one day i hear the door open in my sleep.Then i feel someone touching my hand and moving something under it and i slowly open my eyes and… I see my grandfather standing there with my hand on his “you know what”… I wake up screaming and my sister wakes up scared and my grandfather runs out of the room, then my sister runs over to me hugging me tightly as I’m sitting there crying and screaming “I want to go home!!!” So she calls our parents then my mother just hangs up but then our father calls back and says he’s coming to get us. This has been going on for 3 years until my dad found me in my bathroom cutting… He calls my mother and she acts like nothing happened and changes the subject…. So he rushes me to the hospital and I go to a hospital for 2 weeks. Then I come out and my mother is standing there yelling at me… Telling me that “why did you do that! What if your brothers found you doing that!” I look over and my father is crying because he is happy to see me then I run past my mother hugging him tightly crying and he hugs me back. Then he asks me on the way home why I did that, so I tell him everything but when we get home he tries to go up hill where my grandfather lives and tries to kill him. I stop him. So then everything went back to how it was and i stopped going up there to see them. But then my sister thinks I’m lying and tries to go up hill to tell my grandfather and grandmother, so my mother and my brothers get ready then she takes me with them. We get to my uncles and he lets us stay and he lets me have the back bedroom (cause I’m in high school so I need my own room). Then the next morning, I get up and get ready for school and my mother takes me and she says to me “stay away from your sister and ignore her and act like she’s not there”. But how am I supposed to ignore my own sister, someone that was always there for me and was dealing with my bullies for me… I get out of the car and I see her standing with my bf (this is a different one then I have now), and i see her whispering something to him that’s making him cry. I run inside and she leaves and he looks at me all angry. “We’re over!” he tells me, I don’t understand what’s going on so I ask him why. He then tell’s me that i cheated on him. I look over at my sister that’s laughing. Then i pull my phone out and show him the proof that I’m not then he starts crying again and hugs me tightly and he says sorry. Then I look back over to her and she’s pissed. But then when I go to my mothers car to go home, she yells at me to break up with my bf… I tell her no and a teacher comes over and asks is everything ok. I was about to say no when my mother says yes everything is fine and she tells me to get in. On the way home i out some music on and put in my headphones and ignore her. Then when we get back I see my mothers old friend JoJo. (his name is Joseph but I called him that from when I was younger before he disappered). I run up to him and hug him tightly but then he pushes me away and heads to my mother and kisses her. So I was thinking to myself, ‘what is going on?’ Then she looks at me and sees that I’m confused. So then she tells me that they are dating. So I ask “so he’s my step dad now?” She says yes, and that brings us to today. Where they all treat me like shit and make me feel unwanted and that I’m a mistake… So there’s my life story from  when my brothers was born till now… And about my bf now.. I met him when he was getting his hair cut by my mother and we started liking each other but then one day something snapped inside of him and he became abusive towards me… And my mother doesn’t even care but this weekend I’m going to tell my father about it because he actually cares about me…


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