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Are you a music lover? Me, too! I was raised around all different types of music, but just recently started looking into liking my own taste. Hi, and welcome to a really weird podcast! ( <– Vine reference.)

Well, first, you need a little backstory…

Now Playing ‘Turnaround’ by Camille from The Little Prince. 

My dad is a musician. He can play every stringed instrument under the sun, as well as the trumpet and the piano. He was always playing his guitar at the house when he wasn’t at work. He taught me and my many siblings to appreciate a beat and the way calloused fingers sound sliding up and down wired strings, playing just the right chords over the frets. I remember spending hours sitting in front of my dad, listening to the way he played, and how different it was from the way that anyone else played. But, when my parents got divorced, I learned to like my own music.

Now Playing ‘Little Lion Man’ by Mumford and Sons.

After my dad moved out of my house, I tried to listen to music to feel closer to him. As a family, we liked this guy named George Ezra and some other more emo bands like P!ATD and MCR. So I listened to them on my own. I found out that Ezra’s album ‘Wanted on Voyage’ was my favorite, I would pretend to claw my heart out and faint when ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ came on, and that classical helped my mood and some very severe headaches (I know, weird right?). But that wasn’t enough. My dad always had weird names for his different collections of music on his phone, so I figured I should too.

Now Playing ‘Equation’ by Camille from The Little Prince in My Folder Called ‘Take a Moment’. 

When naming my folders of music, I study the lyrics of a song that perfectly captures the vibe of that folder. My ‘Take a Moment’ folder is full of my favorite songs that help my calm down. One of the songs on it is from my favorite cartoon, ‘Steven Universe’! The song ‘Here Comes a Thought’ makes me cry every time. It helps me step back and breathe, so it’s the perfect choice. (If you wanna see where I got the three words for the title, take a listen!) I usually stick with 3 words, but whatever you wanna do works!

Now Playing ‘Hold My Girl’ by George Ezra.

So, you now know how to name a playlist or collection of songs! Have fun with it! Please be sure to take care of yourself and the ones you love! I’ll try to post as soon as I’m inspired.





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