°It’s Okay to Not be Okay°

Sometimes it can be difficult to realize the fact that sometimes it’s alright to not be feeling so peppy and energetic. But this isn’t going to be a post to “knock it off” or to “stop being sad/anxious/any other feelings other than happiness” Because I know it’s not easy; and that isn’t how people work. It reminds me of telling someone going through a breakup to “not miss them” because well- it makes sense, honestly.

I am simply here to tell you that it will be okay- not today- but one day. I understand that whatever it is you’re feeling wont be easy to calm down. I am here for you, and i’m silently rooting for you. There are also many others on this website that will help; whether it be to talk; or for advice; or for a friend; whom you may relate to.


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  1. KylaRose21 3 years ago

    I wish this was true more often.
    I saw a meme recently that said “People with chronic illness aren’t faking being ill. They are faking being well.” and I broke down in tears at how much that resonates with me. I work so hard at hiding my ocd. It’s exhausting. The ocd is exhausting. The hiding is exhausting.

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