Life is what you make it!

ok so i hear this time and time again from people i know, people who say stupid things like – depression isn't real, its just an excuse, a way to cover up your lazy ways.

but is it really? how many of us would want our lives the way they are? 

i'm sure if i'd had a say in the way my life was going to map out i would have done things alot different to the way my life has gone, i didn't choose depression, i didn't want to be stuck in the house with a head full of fears and worries, i didn't want to let my kids down time and time again, i just want to be the happy person i was 6 years ago, care free, going out and enjoying life with my kids, all i seem to do now is panic, cry, hide and make excuses.

well i just have to say i didn't choose my life map but thats what i got and i have to make the best of it and come to think of it i wouldn't change anything that has happened in my life – i would love to turn back the clocks and stop all the pain, anger and greaving but thats not going to happen so life must carry on – i can change the future but not the past, i can't  control where life is going to take me but i will not let it defeat me either!

so to all those people who doubt us – take a look at ur own lives and see if they are really what you wanted!

argh! i've had enough of my so called friends and birth family just trying to say i am not who i am, that i'm the one who brought this on myself, i wish they could see it for themselves and experance life the way i have it,

i'm just lucky i have a wounderful husband, a great sis-in-law and a great friend to help me through this, plus all my DTribe friends who know what i'm going through and can understand me, even when i can't understand myself.

  1. conflicted 12 years ago

    I hear that all the time too!

    I believe we have to go through everything we have, in order to be where we are today…I'm dealing with my issues on a daily basis and it isn't easy. Some people, who judge, but mostly just don't understand because they live the happy bubbly life all the time, will always be there to say something we don't want to hear.

    Just remember you aren't alone…that's what helps me get by, and ever since I found this site…the emotional pain hasn't been as bad as when I thought I was alone…


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  2. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    No, we do not choose the things that befall us.  However,with information, support, and professional help( and medications, we can ameliorate our condition.  Information about our condition, informs us of the dynamics of our condition so that we do not exaccerbate our condition

     We can learn the security of a schedule, a schedule creates a security of knowing what comes next.

     We can practice good health (mental issues are very stressful-prolonged stress impacts our immune system- a degraded immune system leads to more health problems, poor health increases our depression and so the vicious cycle goes.)  This vicious cycle depletes the nutrition stores of the body–therefore the need for nutrient rich meals.

      Then we need to introduce exercise, since exercise helps us metabolise our food efficiently. It exercises the heart which oxygenated the body and brings clean blood to our systems

    The first thing the therapist did when I went to my appointment was to give me a book on my condition so I could inform myself and cooperate with the therapy.

    No we do not govern what happens to us.  However, our reaction to it  will govern how fast we can return to a life of "normalcy."

    We need to meditate to keep the stress level down.

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  3. WadeAlexander72 12 years ago

    I can't stand that "life is what you make it" comment. It's bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. It's like being told to "just go out and have some fun in the sun" – which is a "cure" for depression that we are too dumb to supposedly figure out.

    Another great comment is when people say to you: "what do YOU have to be depressed about?"




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