How do I deal with my depression, anxiety and panic disorder? I don’t. At least it feels like I don’t. I don’t deal well with the nightmares, the sweaty palms, the “exploding” heart beat, people, social settings, sounds, and much more. I don’t have very good local support. The mental health provider I have been seeing for over a year, treats its clients like cattle. In and out. I still wait for a complete diagnosis and for therapy. I have no friends to talk to. My wife and family do not understand and often get frustrated or upset when I try to explain. There are only three people that seem to help…. my mother and my two children. My children are to you to talk with but they make me feel better. Almost happy. My mom can be a bit too direct but she listens. So even though they “help” they do not counter act an anxiety/panic attack.

Where do I find comfort? Outside in the barnyard with the animals. I was raised on a farm. I have found that it is one constant in my life. Being around the animals makes me feel a little more relaxed. We have horses that I can pet, brush or even ride on occasion. We have cows (that we used to milk) that act like big dogs. I often find myself petting them and sometimes when they are laying in the sun, I sit with them or even on them. And of course, the dog. She is an older dog and seems a bit more “sensitive” to my condition. I spend quite a bit of time with that dog when I can. In order to be around them, I have to travel to my parents farm which I try to do daily. It is where I find my “peace”.  The bad thing about this is when I return home, it all comes back.

Emotional Support Animals and Psychiatric Support Animal. I have recently been researching information on ESAs and PSAs. I have come to realize that this, for me, is a very good option. While an ESA does not need to be trained they can offer so much. An ESA can be any animal. A dog, cat, snake, mouse, chicken, horse, cow….. The bad thing about this is, you can’t take it with you every where you go.  An ESA is not protected under ADAA laws. If registered as an ESA, they can be allowed in plain cabins and they cannot be refused in no pet housing and you cannot be made to pay a pet fee.

Now, Psychiatric Support Animals can only be dogs. These animals are a specially trained service dog. Since they are classified as such, they can go with you every where. The downfall is you have to be seriously impaired by your disorder.  I suppose if you had thousand of dollars to spend you can find one and have it trained.

My point to this is, that’s how I “deal” with it. The animals help me. They don’t judge. They don’t talk back. They just offer peace of mind and affection.

  1. bridgie101 5 years ago

    well my gut feel is that you’re starting to identify a locational source of your anxiety. It’s in your house.

    So where is it coming from? Problem with anxiety is that we feel stress, we ignore it… it builds… then it becomes generalised and it’s all over us. We have no space where we’re not in that state so what’s causing it? We can’t tell. I got so bad I couldn’t open the mail. Couldn’t cook… all sorts. What was the cause though, and what was the effect?

    That’s your job to find out! 😀 You may want to go get some kind of mild antidepressant to take the volume down a bit and allow you to identify a source. because there will be a source.


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      mike478 5 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. Truth is, it’s coming from every where. Starting wih a death and prolonged by circumstance.

      I do see a proffesional and am on meds that do not help. Psychotherapy has been recommended and denied. PTSD symptoms have gone undiagnosed.

      Dealing with it for years and continue on daily.

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  2. lucywinterburn 5 years ago

    Its a daily battle! I honestly couldnt cope anymore but ive found my ways to help. 1st of all you must look after yourself! Healthy body, healthy mind! I drink lots of water. Limit alchol ( although i went out last night and anxiety through the roof), qiut caffiene, eat nutrious foods and go to the gym. My biggest help is yoga! It teaches me i can control my mind. I listen to guided meditation everybight to sleep and i try get earlish nights. I know it sounds alot but ive had to change my lifestyle to help me keep my horrible emotions in check. I litterally research depression and anxiety and now i understand it better i can control it better. You need to break your cycle of negative thinking and obsessing. I find this the hardest part! But it can be done. If you can less the amout of panic then your breaking your cycle! People with depression dream 3 times more than people without. This is your bodys way of trying to evaccuate the fight or flight mood and balance your hormoans out. The problem is though, the more you dream the more emotion your body used so your not getting enough rested sleep thus making your brain exhausted and putting your body under stress and releasing stress hormoans into the body! Then follows the dreaded panic! If you can practise changing your thoughts and push them out with a happy thoughts your half way there. You have the power! If theres things in your home life that makes you unhappy change them.Good luck to you x

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