Finding Peace Within
"There are moments in every life that are disruptive. Moving through life tasks can be crowded with difficulty and anxiety. Inner turmoil can be created that can make one feel disconnected and chaotic.
If you find yourself in that place, stop for a moment and just breathe deeply. Find that calm place even if you feel your grip upon it is tenuous. With each breath you take see your hold on it becoming stronger until you are able to continue moving through the experience.
You did not incarnate to fail. You came to this place to prosper and grow. Each task before you was pre-planned by you. Summon your inner most strength to accomplish the goal.
We realize that often it is most difficult to do that, however, you are a strong energy with the ability to perform miracles from within.
Do not let yourself become helpless. You do have the will power to move through the drama.
Let your inner calm take charge.

Center your energy with the determination to accomplish the task.

By changing your chaos to calm, you put all parties on notice that you are serious. The new mix will affect those around you. Those who would wish to partner with you in negativity will have to find someone else to exchange with.

You are no longer interested.
Find the calm within.
It's there."



What do you do when you feel that you don't belong anywhere anymore and that nothing in this life matters, even your friends and family, and the only thing you seem to love is your pets?

Kindest regards,


Dear Vicki,

The sense of belonging in the liner stems from the spiritual oneness of the Universe. Often those who you participate with are acting out dramas that you may have already finished. In those cases, it is necessary to separate from those that no longer resonate with your energy.

Many times those estranged will "catch up" with each other later in the linear or between lives.

In the meantime, pets offer an unconditional love that cannot be broken. If all were to live by a pet's example, many difficulties could be avoided.
Spend time with your animals. They can offer the solace you need at this time.
What matters in life is awareness and connection. You have both, my dear. Your counter parts will catch up.
Be patient

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