So, Im super tired! I had a long weekend for my Mum's Birthday, I requested off for Friday and Saturday which was great, had stomache ache's all weekend which wasn't fun, but it was nice being off. I really didn't feel like going to work this Morning, partly bc I still wasnt feeling well, and since I slept most of the Day Sunday I couldn't sleep so I was tired, and just having off 3 day's kinda kicks the anxiety up a bit…. I seem to be able to do more then I have before but the anxiety is always kinda there, is there ever gonna be a time when I'll be able to do thing's without the anxiety in my mind, without having a panic attack?! I really really really Hope so. B/c im sick of Feeling anxious or having panic attack's, small or big..

But I did go to work, especially bc my Manager was very rude when I sent Her a text this Morning that I wasn't feeling well.. I emailed Her afterwards, explaining that I came into work so the store wouldn't have to be closed no matter if I felt sick or not, and got no reply. & I also had to tell Her more….. I had a little bit of action @ Work. A Girl came In all upset that She lost Her Mom's phone, and Her Mom was gonna kill Her bc She let Her borrow it, but I couldn't do much because We don't replace phones here, so I told Her to go to the Coperate store, but before I could do that She made me call the Coperate store, so She didn't have to take a Bus all the way there ( like 10 mins away ), which I did, and I had to call more than once because they are a busy store and don't answer. In the mean time, She started to walk outside and was yelling to Her Boyfriend, who then came in with Her, mad about something… They were both looking like they were on drug's, and next thing I know She hid her phone in her pocket and told Him She threw it away, and Her purse was all over the ground…. She is yelling that She doesn't trust him, that She is done w/ him, but then She is saying that She is 3 Month's Pregnant with His Kid, She can't believe He is doing this too Her, but She said that She was so excited to have an abortion, and He didn't like this.. I guess He tried to take Her Money bc that's What She started yelling, I'm calling the Cops give me a phone, I'm calling Them bc You are stealing my Money.. He was trying to be nice @ this point, saying calm down, i'll buy you a phone, as they were sitting on my floor! It kept going, until He left and starting digging threw the trash outside and She followed, yelling, but leaving Her stuff in my store.. They both came back….. I ended up calling the Police, hung up so they wouldn't know and the Police then call back, I didn't want them to know I called..!! They did call back and Lucky I could give them detail's bc they were to busy yelling and not Listening to me.! The Police came and yelled @ them, I guess they had problems with them before because He told them were no longer welcome in our Borough, She was saying sorry & they saw the mess that They made in Her and yelled @ Her to get Her stuff and asked me if I wanted them in there, I said no, scarey though!!The whole situation could have been a lot worse and it scared me bc I didn't know if He'd hit her or not or how it would play out. The man from across the street even came over haha. But when I emailed my Manager about that, she had NOTHING to say, sweet of Her! But My Mum told me how proud of me She is for going to work Today when I didn't feel well and for dealing with the situation so good, so that made me feel good = ) !!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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