This week is basically- and finally -over….I don't even want to go into details how yesterday and today went.

Long-story-short, I ended up actually going to school today but was only able to last little less then half the day, Because today in my vet program, was AG day…

and it was packed full of everyone in the program as well as students from other classes and what not…

I took a couple Valium and Xanax to try to calm down, so that I didn't have to leave…But it didn't work and I ended up leaving early anyway because of the huge panic attack.

So…So much for that.

Then I'm still so anxious about tomorrow, Seeing the Len's, and Dana's boyfriend and his band at that concert…and the thought of all the people as well just doesn't help.

Though…My friend Maddie is coming…I'm surprised she said yes…It took everything I had in me to even ask her and Kim..

Though Kim can't go…But I feel like she just keeps saying different excuses so she won't have to be seen with someone like me…

Maddie is probably just going w/me out of pity for something…I don't know, I can't even think about any of that right now. I feel to drained.

Sometimes I wish I just knew if someone was actually cared or wanted to hang out with me, or if they just pity me, and are trying to get my guard down just to use it against me…

y'know what I mean? Well..I guess that's it for now…Like I said i'm just drained and can't think right now..

I hope everyone else in the Tribe is doing well though…You're in my thoughts and prayers…

'see' you all later…



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