I am so out of wack that I have started this blog three times! I keep deleting and starting over.Why does life have to be so frustrating! I am about to lose my car to the finance company. But I don't really care since we have another one. Just when I get close to getting my credit and finances under control I do something stupid and get it all screwed up again. I did the good mom thing and let my son take over my Jeep payment that was almost paid off and I took the car that I helped him buy which he could not afford. My husband had to get surgery on his shoulder which put us farther behind. I am so tired of trying to stay on top of everything!!!! But I know if I don't do it no one else will. Then life will get worse. It is just so draining! My husband is not very good at helping. He does try but I have to tell him what to do then remind him! He does try but due to the fact that he has his own problems to deal with he is not much help. He has panic attack every time I ask him to call a bill collector. I am retaking a class online that I have taken 3 times now because I can't focus and get the work done. Plus I have Vertigo which makes me dizzy and makes it really hard to read and concentrate. I work at a computer help desk so I stare at a computer all day long. My eyes are usually really blurry by the time I get home.Ok, I am done whining for now! The positives are that my son actually started going to college. My husband’s shoulder is getting better. Plus we do have a second car that runs if my other car disappears in the night!So much for positive! 


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