Hello once again its always pleasant for me whenever i am fortunate to be in this pace of respite because looking at all of you my friends who in your repository of wisdom have chose not to die in silence but to come out and share with all those who are innately concerned and willing to help out in the amelioration ofour problem.

  The theme of my discussion today is looking at the past because i would want anybody reading this mail to kindly sit and relax because we are on a journey of transforming your future by taking care of your past.

  You see for whatever ailment you have today it started from somewhere that is i mean you are not born with the ailment you adduce to have today and for whatever you are facing that has a past must surely have an expiring date that will launch you into a new realm of peace joy and hope because the past they say will always make way for the future.

  Look at yesterday and see how you manage to allow that trivia issue between you and your husband,wife,son,aunt and whosoever degenerate and plunge you into a life of unhappiness,despair and sadness and tell yourself enough is enough for all that is not making me tap from the goodness that had been imbeded in me because i am destined to have a happy home ,good job.go partying and a whole lot of wonderful things that makes life wonderful.

  It is time to extricate your future from your past becuase the past they say can never be visited again but the future awaits those that buckle up to meet it because life they say is a journey which we must all partake in it to have a charming life.

  Say today no more to that ugly incidence that has kept on hunting me till today because it is not making my life worthwhile.

  Go all out this week and be happy because you are destined to be happy


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