You must have heard about HCG diet, especially if you are suffering from obesity and wish to lose weight quickly. Following a HCG diet program is the best way to lose weight in no time. It is very effective and it has not got any negative side effects. In fact you will not even experience the stretch marks associated with drastic weight loss because your body will only burn fat.

HCG is basically a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, produced in the body of pregnant women. In the 1950s Dr. Simeon found that this hormone is capable of curbing appetite tremendously. Thus it can help people to lose weight. It increases the metabolism of human body and allows the body to use excess fat as energy.

If you wish to lose weight within a short span of time you should try HCG diet. However there are a few points to keep in mind when you decide to follow a HCG diet program.

Any one just can not give it a try just like that because people on HCG diet need to follow a strict routine. Do a little bit of research and talk to HCG dieters. See if you are at all prepared to stick to the very low calorie diet. If you give it a start and then suddenly leave the diet, it can have negative results. Therefore it is crucial to be sure that you will stick to the routine till the end. Consult a doctor too see that you are physically fit enough to survive on HCG diet.

Other than following VLCD you will also require a daily dose of HCG. Ask your doctor whether you should go for HCG drops. Your doctor may suggest HCG injections instead of drops.

If you have made your mind to give it a try, then start your diet. In the initial days it will seem to be very difficult. But you will get used to it over time. So stick to it no matter how difficult it seems to be and you will get the result very soon.


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