Yesterday I found out some really sad news. But as a Christian I will rejoice even in my pain. I received a message yesterday that my ex-husband was murdered. It has brought me to my knees. I'm in complete shock and in tears. How do I get closure to this broken heart of mine? I know to read my Bible and to pray and to be in fellowship but my heart is broken. And even in this season of my life, I feel God's peace in me. And I choose to cry out to God. God I surrender my loss with all that I am. I have come so far. God I feel your peace. God I feel your peace. It's all about you God! I bring to you my loss. I lift up my ex-husband and I surrender you all 4 of his children. God I exalt you. I thank you God for this trial. I thank you for being faithful and although I am in complete shock, I know that you God are faithful and you are the truth. You are the one that I run to in this time of my life. You are a God of healing and of restoration. God your love is beautiful and I know that you see each tear that falls. If suffering today means glory tomorrow, then suffering becomes a blessing to us the believer and I know that I believe even when I mourn the loss of my ex-husband. Oh Lord your face is all that I seek. Oh Lord your word is all that I seek. Oh Lord I come to you in prayer. I love I love I love your presence. Give me closure and help the non-believer to see that my faith is true and it's genuine, not fake. I find rest in my soul with you God.

Love Your Rose

  1. GodsRose 12 years ago

     Thanks Crystal. I can't stop crying. It's so hard to mourn the loss of someone I once was married to. I'm going to church tonight and I am going to probably look into counseling through my church, so that I can have some sort of closure.

    God Bless,Rose

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  2. Rose47 12 years ago

    Rose I am so sorry! My goodness!!! I will most definetly say a special prayer for uu as well as your ex husband Im again so very sorry! just keep strong in your faith in GOD and Im sure he will help u in this most difficult time! Please keep in touch with me ok?? I love u and u will b n my prayers! God be with u and bless u always!!!!

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  3. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    I'm sorry for your loss.  I am relieved that you have a belief system that sustains you.

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