Is anyone else tired of the isolation from society at home? I want to be free. I want to do something that will make me happy and have a normal life! I want to freely go outside and see people’s faces and meet other people. yess! I am getting really lonely at home with no human interaction. ahhh! help me! anyone else feel this way? My family won’t even talk to me when I am bored or lonely. They all just think my feelings are a Satanic thought. omg. wtf? so I just think about nothing? so I just do nothing? damn, I feel so useless. I feel like I need to be with someone or talk to someone every moment of my life, cmon now! ughh. feel pissed and depressed.

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  1. fras 3 months ago

    I totally understand. I really wish things could go back to normal and I could see other people. It’s completely normal, it’s just that nowadays people want to pretend that isolation is fine and they can live with it, just because they have no choice. But actually it sucks.

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