I have been told I am an awful person to have depression. They say I have a perfect life and I have no reason to be sad and suicidal all the time. Little do they know, I don’t have a perfect life. They don’t know that I am actually bullied alot and i have been getting in trouble because i am not focused on my life. I cry everyday and I have to talk to a counselor every single day. I make time to fight for my life. I have had a rough childhood and I am only 13. I try my hardest to be happy and to help everyone else. but it is hard to help people when i can’t seem to help myself. Sometimes i get to the point where I cant go to school and i can’t go to sports and help out my town. I like to go to nursing homes and help out there. It brings me joy knowing that I can bring light to these peoples lives. I wish I could be as happy as they are but i cannot. I am hoping on day that I could help people with this, maybe write a book, so to talk shows, make a podcast, but that will all have to happen once I help myself. Sometimes I think to myself ” Why am i here? I dont understand my purpose.” I have been stripped of a lot of things that should have been here with me. That including my privacy, myself, my siblings, my family, my dad. My dad didn’t die, but his life was stolen from a women. She convinced him that he could trust her with anything and then she cheated and took everything. My dad let that happen because she had the kids. I no longer speak to her and I think she is a awful person and  i have no interest in her. I would love to have my stuff back, but that isnt important anymore I wish i could have my trust and my dad back. But I cant have that she took that.

  1. who83 3 years ago

    The people that tell you that you are an awful person do not understand what depression is like. Nobodys life is perfect.

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  2. Author
    kyleighgregg 3 years ago

    That is for sure, it is difficult

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