Today is day 3 of Zachary staying home. The blisters keep growing in size, so today he's going to go to the doctor. I'm at least going to try to get him in anyhow. He needs a doctor's note for all the time he's missing out of school and I don't know if he'll be home all week or not. He's too badly blistered to put on a shirt.

I got a full night's sleep last night! What a difference that makes. I don't feel mean and groggy. Well, I do a little but that's because I haven't finished my coffee infusion. You see, I'm not a morning person really. I'm one of those "fake it till you make it" people, lol. I love all the wildlife and the sunrise, but I'd rather be asleep most of the time. But since I have to be up, why not try to be pleasant after my first cup of coffee? (And yes, it does take me that long to be civil…)

I had an interesting therapy session with Darcy last night. We talked about all sorts of things, but focused mainly on me talking to my brother and separately, my fears of waves and tornados (because of my dreams). It appears that we're going to do a whole session focused on those two fears because they're almost debilitating for me. I'm afraid to take my son to the beach without Aaron because of the waves. Heck ~ I won't even get in past my waist because of them! I'm afraid that if the unthinkable happened and Zach got pulled out by an undertow I'd freeze because of my fear. So I won't go without someone who can swim well and who's NOT afraid of the ocean. If it weren't for my ears needing to stay dry I'd make myself take some surfboarding lessons to help me get over it, but I'm not supposed to get my ears wet due to holes in my eardrums. That leads to really painful inner ear infections for me. Another reason I don't swim well.

So this is my 3rd day stuck in the house for the most part. I can't go out on a bike ride again because I've got to watch Zachary. My Mom's still in bed and I intend to leave it that way because she never gets to sleep in. I'd like to give her at least one day of it. She deserves it.

We'll probably have to go grocery shopping today with her, so Zach's going to have to deal with wearing a shirt again for a bit. He'll moan about it, but I'll aloe him before we put it on. That should help some.I found out from my mother-in-law that aloe prevents scarring from the blisters too. I've been applying it to his arms and shoulders several times a day to help ease the pain anyhow.

So it's another warm but beautiful day here. Too bad I can't take him out in it again. I think if he goes to school tomorrow he's going to have to sit out of recess. 🙁 He doesn't need to be in the sun at all right now. Same with gym class. And if they're pissed about it, too bad!

Well, I talked to the doctor's office and they told me they would cover his absences for school and what to do about his blisters and such. He's not allowed to take showers, only cool baths and he can have cool compresses for his arms and shoulders. They're going to call me back with any info the doctor wants passed on. I'm so lucky, he's got a great pediatric office.

That's all for now. Gotta go grocery shopping. Talk again soon!

Have a stunning day!

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  1. momhurts 9 years ago

    I know what you mean about the coffee, somedays I think I should have an IV bag of it!! (just kidding!)

    They make swimmers earplugs, my husband uses them, they work good.  They have adult swim lessons too, usually through the red cross. 

    I hope you get some help with you weather/water fear.  I used to have recurring nightmares about drowning, I still do when life gets really super stressful, but mine is from PTSD. It still made me afraid of the water even though I'm a strong swimmer–wierd, huh?

    Being afraid is no fun, and I wish you the best of luck in your effort to conquer it!

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