Lights pierce the darkness

They speak quietly

But you are harmless

Take me away

Far from this forsaken place where my soul roams

Fly me from this isolated home

Dare me with those eyes

Pass me the bottle

Put your hand on the throttle

It’s a race for the sky.


Fill this empty space with smoke

Let it snake through my mind

Clouding my vision

Chasing off my hope

Because I don’t want to feel

For just a moment

I want to be numb

I want this to seem surreal

Go faster

Over the hills

Because I hear the shouts of my past

Catching up to the spinning tires

My heart is racing

I’m on fire

Walking this electric wire.


Dance the line between life and death

You took my breath

My hands shake as I light the cigarette

And my red lipstick stains your mouth

And your body is next to mine

You don’t even know me

But I’m in your strange arms

And my heart is on alarm

But it’s so warm

And you encase me in your dreams

And I can’t breathe.


Love me the way he never would

Whisper if only you could

I’m going crazy

And this it

One more hit

The knife at my hip cuts my fingertips

And the blood falls to the floor

And I can’t take it anymore

And the glass cuts my skin

And your scream rings in my ears

I let go

They never knew I was here.


im hurting quite badly again. and im not breathing. 


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