Ok, so after all my worrying about what today was going to hold, my birthday turned out to be an ok one.

I didn’t do hardly anything. Which I what I wanted. I got the first two seasons of Get Smart, and the first two seasons of Dexter, and spent a large portion of the day watching those. So far i’m through 8 episodes of Get Smart, and 3 of Dexter. I also got a wii game that I have been wanting called House Of The Dead : Overkill. A very entertaining (yet gruesome) zombie/mutant shootem up game.

Normally I get asked what I want for my birthday, and I usually know what i’m going to get. This year however wasn’t the case. I hadn’t asked for the Get Smart dvd’s nor the Dexter ones. So that was a pleasant surprise. And to make it more interesting, it was actually something that I am enjoying alot.

We went out for dinner. Mum paid for mine, which I wasn’t expecting, and my grandparents gove me a 100 dollars, which i’m thankful for. They of course didn’t know of my resent trip to the casino.

Apparently my father is going to make it down tomorrow. He didn’t bother to call or anything today. I’m not surprised. I’d like to say that It doesn’t bother me, but deep down it does. You’d think after all he’s done to me, he’d at least txt me a simple "happy Birthday". I guess sometimes I just have too higher expectations.

I have, however, been pleasently surprised with the amount of well wishes i have recieved from my online friends, and friends on facebook. Its nice to know, that in the madness of the day, and with the many things that make this 2nd of May 2009, a fairly pleasant day.


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