Let me first preface by apologizing for the length of this description…it was just SO good, I couldn’t cut out a single sentence. It’s filled to the brim with the most incredible cost cutting tips I’ve ever read, so if you are working on a budget, grab a cup of coffee and get comfy.cheap evening dresses

The wedding was held in San Diego in the backyard of a friend’s home. Sharon and Casey wanted to get married outside with a backdrop of trees and leaves. They knew it was a risk to plan an outdoor wedding in January, but the thought of bare trees and twinkle lights overcame the fear. The free venue helped!It ended up being one of warmest and most beautiful days of winter. prom dresses

The major theme of their wedding was community. According to the Bride, “That’s how a wedding should be- a network of the people that you love and that love you coming together and joining family and friends from both sides to celebrate marriage.” The brides mother passed away from breast cancer two years ago, so her mothers best friends and her father’s bible study joined together to help make this wedding a reality.evening dresses

In the words of the Bride, “We had an extremely small budget…partially by circumstance and partially by choice. We didn’t want to go into debt over our wedding. As time went by, it became revealed how expensive weddings really were! Enter: an amazing community. Our wedding would not have happened without our friends and family and we made that clear in our heirloom-themed day as there was a lot of old and borrowed.” The couple decided to string pennants throughout the trees. The pennants started out as mere aesthetic but soon became very nostalgic. Bride’s Quote: “Most of the fabric was my mom’s, an avid crafter. She was truly woven throughout the entire wedding. My amazing bridesmaids and I spent two days in my living room-turned-sweatshop, cutting pennants, passing off to the next person to iron, to the next person to sew, to the next person to string. I wanted them to be in trees, down the aisle, anywhere there was room!”wedding dresses 


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