I went to see my parents today to wish dad a happy fathers day and already knew he was weak but when I saw him I wanted to cry.  he says oh I'm fine same as always but he's not, just putting on a face for us all so we don't worry but we do because when you see how fragile he really is your heart aches.  he's going to a heart doctor tomorrow to see if a pace maker will do any good for him, most all his doctors have said there is no more they can do.  His kidneys are holding up but they told him any illness he gets will go for his heart and kidneys and that could be it, even stress will do it.  We are worried and try not to upset him in any way.  He is still my dad and although we didn't have a good relationship while I was growing up because of abuse I forgave him 5yrs ago today so we started over and now I don't want to lose him!  They have made all their preparations for when they pass but being prepared emotionally no one can do and I will be devastated.  I want to thank my dad for the last 5yrs of being so wonderful, kind and loving and know I'm with you always…..

To my son who has 3 kids and being a single father loving those kids more than his own life I say Happy Father's day!  To my daughter who has been mom and dad to her son, happy father's day to you too honey….

To my son in law who loves his son deeply Happy Father's Day

To all the fathers out there, Happy Father's Day and be proud!

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  1. aloneandlonely 11 years ago

    My first fathers day without my dad, it sucks. Just makes you feel so very alone.

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