Hey guys, its maybe. Idk if I told you guys, but i write books 🙂 This is an idea I have for a story. COPYWRITE INTENDED. Please write your honest opinion on it 🙂 love you guys.

Ive wanted to write an inspirational book my whole life, to show others the power of God. Heres my idea for a book, please be honest as to wether you think its good or not:
Audrey Elise, the Pastors daughtr, had been struggling each day since she witnessed her mothers murder at only 8 years old. Her traumafrom the murder left her with anxiety and fears. She was convinced that the uncaught murderer would be after her next because she was the only witness to her mothers death.

When a new boy, Landon, moves to town, Audrey is swept off her feet. She has a strange feeling about him, but she chooses to look past it. There was something about him that made the pain go away. Landon infuenced Audrey to let go, and to forgive others, while Audrey taught Landon to pull himself together and forgive himself. Things just couldnt get any better. Then, suddenly, Audreys father forbids her from seeing Landon without reason. Audrey believes her father doesnt want to loose his little girl and thinks Landon is a bad influence on her faith, but she was wrong.

The first time doing anything extremely wrong, Audrey sneaks out of her house at night to meet up with Landon. He then breaks down and tells Audrey Elise something that she didnt know how to handle. That he, Landon, was the son of the man who murdered her mother. Audreys suspisions of the past of the murderer coming back for her were confermed. Audrey refused to leave the house or speak to anyone. After a few days, Audrey Elise gets a knock at her door, its her dad. He explains that maybe he isnt ready to let his little girl go yet, and he isn't fond of Landons genetics, but he gives her a news paper from the day her mother was killed. It explained that the murderer, Landons father, was trying to robb the bank that was infront of the park where Audrey and her mother were playing, and where Landon was told to wait while he got the cash. When the cops arrived, his father paniced and ran to the park. His father didnt want any witnesses so he shot Audreys mother. When he turned to shoot Audrey, Landon distracted him by telling him that no one would believe a little girl, and convinced him to keep running. So, Landon saved her life.

After speaking to Landon, Audrey found out that he had returned to town to appologize to her and her father so that he could burry the hatchet that he felt so guilty for. Audrey and her father forgive him and Audrey Elise and Landon end up happy together.

  1. maybecrazy 10 years ago

    Thanks madhatter! Id love to give you a copy of one of my books but I havent published any yet! I paln to attempt to publish this one though when I\'m done with it.

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  2. twthoma1 10 years ago

    GREAT STORY – Love the story line. Go for it.

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