I first started having night terrors at around four years of age right after my father had passed away. I use to sleep balled up under my cover every single night. To get someone to be up with me, I would tell my mom that I was experiencing severe headaches. She would take me to the health clinics two times per week and of course the doctors could never find the cause of the headaches. And I had never told anyone the truth until this day. I was ashamed.

At the age of thirteen, I eventually overcame that particular problem but others began to set in, such as the fear of height, flying and social anxiety. Although I haven’t fully been cured, I ham however currently able to manage them.

The last couple of years depression has been calling. I have been depressed because of my financial problems. I just cannot seem to make enough money to cover my bills. I always assumed that if I could get a sufficient amount of money it would be the solution to all my problems – that I would then find that degree of happiness that I have so long craved. I believe most people feel this way – that money is the only answer to gaining a peace of mind.

After hearing and reading about the number of recent suicides of some of the most rich, famous and admired people in the world, I have come to the conclusion that money is not the panacea to eliminating depression in our lives. I recently read an article at: http://www.aeggforyouryoni.com/2018/06/bourdain-spade-suicides-show-how-even-those-at-the-top-can-know-the-lows-of-depression.html –  which helped me to better understand this problem.

I believe the most important steps you make in curing depression is to first acknowledge it to yourself, talk about it to someone and learn as much as you can so that you will be better equipped to tackle and defeat this awful disease.




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