Good Morning…A couple of days ago I had my BP meds changed, I am finding this rather uncomfortable especially the first 15 min to 2 hours after taking them, I am being weened off of one that I was taking but have an entirely new other one as well.  The sweating and light headedness, that drop in my whole energy level…the feeling of everything fading away, slipping or whatever you want to call it…it scares me a little..I am sure this needs to just balance out and No I do not believe it will lead me to a drink today or even tomorrow…but I need to talk about it..I am sitting here doing nothing other than typing and staying calm and focused yet I look as if I just ran a marathon…the simple act of standing up throws my pulse rate through the roof…yes it settles back down rather quickly..still just uncomfortable…Yesterday I let this bring me to tears…and well from looking back at my a.m. blog maybe a little over the top. 

I like to talk…carry on conversation…listen and be heard…some of this is new to me, some I am just relearning…I like the interaction between people..the intellectual contact…there are days I would prefer it to be face to face…I blog quite a bit on here…many times, I just want to share…I need to share, I like feedback…not sure how many of us dont desire some form of it.  I think I have most of the pieces of my life sitting on a table top right now, some of them right side up, some still turned over, some dirty with the murky mire of the past, a few that are just slivers or sharp painful shards so volitile that I have yet to pick them up…but there are far less of them now than there used to be. 

What a simple hug, and a few kind words can do…

It's going to be ok…

You don't ever have to drink again…

One Day at a Time….


My name is Mike, I am a Greatful, Recovering Alcoholic/Addict…

Thank you Tribe….



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