I've had 2 real "runs" on opiates in my life. Both very similar in many ways but also very different. The first time around my life revolved around finding the drugs to feed my habit. My demand outweighed my supply. When this happens, your life becomes one constant chase filled with anxiety about who had it and how you were going to get it. Your life revolved around calling a handful of people, trying to get answers on what they had and when they would have it. Then I had to figure out when I could go get it. This was a miserable existence filled with lies to my family about where I was, or where I was going. It was sitting in parking lots for hours because your guy was late. Telling your wife you need to run random errands at weird hours hoping she believes you. Even worse than the lying was dealing with the gaps in the supply of pills which meant managing withdrawals. Days spent obsessing about if my suppliers made any progress getting their product. As a last resort I would make a plan to call different doctors to see if I could get a quick script to bridge the gap until I was able to get my pills again. This life was one of chaos, horrible mood swings, OCD and lies.              

The second run I had was one where the supply was there, everyday, same time, same place, located conveniently on my way home from work. Getting my pills was easy. This scenario is far more dangerous because you almost fool yourself into not feeling like an addict. You don't have to lie about your whereabouts…you make 1 call a day to confirm how many pills you want and that's the only real change from a lifestyle standpoint HOWEVER, this is when you can get in real trouble, and do it really fast. Because you have unlimited access to pills the addict mind shifts from just getting what's available to "what's the most I can get today" When the supply is always there you start to think "the 4 I got today was good but tomorrow I'm going for 5" Then "now that I'm used to 5, I'll get 7" I went from buying 3 at a time for $90 to buying 8 at a time for $240. I tripled my daily intake on about a month. So while you don't feel as addicted because your not driving around, waiting in parking lots, dealing with withdrawals, your habit and tolerance is getting much much worse. Because eventually the day came when I heard "I got nothing for awhile" And there I was with a 250 mg/day oxy habit and about 8,000 in credit card debt from cash advances with absolutely nowhere to turn.  So thats how I learned about supply and demand.  At least I never have to pay for a business course someday. 









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