i moved to cali from Ohio about 3 months ago. i\'ve done everything i can to get into a psychiatrist and get my meds prescribed. unfortunately this state is slow as hell at helping people. but i make calls sometims on a daily basis to all kinds of different mental health facilities. i\'ve done everything i can. i finally got an INTAKE appointmen(which i thought wsa going to be an actual meeting with a psych on July 8). until then my primary care physician said he would prescribe my meds. i call every week to see if there are any cancellations so i can get in sooner to my appointment and get the ball rolling(and just to mention, i only have the appointment on july 8 b/c i called a shitload of different people to help me along in getting seen, and i\'ve got people like my therapist and many others helping me…god fucking help the people who can\'t get a way to call in or don\'t do it…they would  never be seen!)

so at any rate, my Primary Care Physician(doctor), called me today to let me know that now they need verification from someone so that i can he can prescribe my meds…they told me a month ago that they would prescribe them for me until i get into a shrink! i even called to verify this. so i called monday to get my depression med called in(i run out on sat.), and now i have no clue if i\'ll get my meds. then, next month i run out of another med, then another med…i may be fucked. i\'m nervous as hell…i\'ve been makin phone calls all morning and afternoon and have more to make, but i\'m about to lose it…i cannot be running out of my meds, i have been on them too long and i will be in a really bad situation if i do.

but i have got a million other things to do so if i don\'t get to any ones comments right away, i will get to them whenvever i get a chance. if i don\'t comment right away, it is never personal, i\'m really busy and have so much to do. but i appreciate anyone taking the the time to read what i write and comment on it. thanks



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