If you read my earlier blog, I had a plan for the day. Its been going so-so. I didn\'t make my tutorial, but that\'s ok, because I have the option to attend tomorrow and Wednesday as well. In lieu of going to the tutorial, I made some time to enjoy the spring weather with my little cat, Daisy Danger.


  Daisy enjoying the bluebells.

I know I\'m weird for taking my cat for a walk, and I always get a few comments and looks, but she loves it – and it gives me a reason to get out and enjoy the sun. Seriously, she is the only cat that will walk on a leash that I know of – she basically follows me everywhere around our apartment, so it\'s no different when we are out on a walk on the leash. She gets really excited when I bring her harness out; I would let her roam on her own were it not for living in downtown Toronto – I\'d definitely have a panic attack everytime I let her out because I\'d be afraid she\'d get hit by a car or attacked by a racoon.

I am turning into a crazy cat lady, but I\'m fine with it. The good thing is that I will only have the one can\'t. I can only have Daisy because she is so demanding of my attention and she would get jealous if I got another pet. The way Daisy sees it, she owns me. Such a funny relationship.

What is my point here? Pets are wonderful. And given my constant state of anxiety over the past few weeks – this was a moment of peace with my dear little cat that was much needed.




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