This weekend was meh… everything is just kind of calm here lately. Which I guess is fun considering hectic is bad. But it's just slightly boring and uneventful. So it's just… meh. Couldn't get the ring pictures up this weekend but soonish..

I'm suppose to be like super nice today because all of my friends insist that I am not a nice person which is just kind of bul sh*t. I'm blunt when it comes to the truth and I play around all the time. I guess to some people that could be considered mean but if you don't like me then stop being my friend. I would rather be freindless than have fake friends. So they bet me that I can't be nice which includes holding my tongue when they are mean to me. It's funny because just yesterday on of my friends told me that he never knew how mean people are to me but the same friend is making me hold my tongue when I need to defend myself. I can't help that all of my friends are a**holes to me that I need to say something. But it's whatever. I really don't hang out with my friends anyways. I don't like it. I go to school mainly to get away from unsupportive and mean people. I don't need to hang around the same people when at school.

Anyways I'm sure I have homework to do and even if I don't, I'll find something to do. I've been on my whole goody toes shoes act here lately. I've been turning in my homework and doing what is needed to be done. So yeah. Maybe that's why it's boring. I mean I know breaking the rules is bad but honestly it's so much more exciting and fun to do than following the rules. I liked bending the rules a bit. Doing things unexpected despite a rule against it. But with recent events I think I need to lay off the rule breaking for a while. And let me tell you. It's boring as f*ck… Anyways talk at y'all later


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